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There’s one simple metric to measure my success – “Bottles of Bourbon Received (BoBR)”.  If someone decides to work with me, I ask that twenty years from the start of our relationship, if they find the work we did together to be valuable, gift me with the most expensive bottle of bourbon they can afford.  This long-term focus prevents seeking disposable relationships that is far too common in our world today.

Some didn’t even wait 20 years.

IF you ALSO don’t want to wait…

I am grateful for the advice received from Bernie Stone, and don’t want to wait 20 years

I am grateful, but Bernie deserves a top shelf bottle of bourbon right now as thanks.

I’m blown away. Let’s give Bernie a bottle that will blow him away, too.

WOW. Thanks. Tonight, I want Bernie toasting with the best bourbon money can buy, because he’s earned it.